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Statewide EIR Accessibility 

DIR welcomes a collaborative approach among agencies and institutions of higher education to advance the accessibility mission of the state, which is to make electronic and information resources (EIR) available to people with disabilities.

This site offers a wide range of accessibility-related information including a complete list of statewide accessibility standards, links to resources such as online tutorials and developer tools, and information for State Agency Accessibility Coordinators.

What is EIR Accessibility?

EIR accessibility means providing electronic information and services in a variety of ways that does not depend on a single sense or ability. For example, a video presentation might also include a text version of the presentation, so that hearing impaired individuals can also access the information.

DIR is committed to support state agencies and institutions of higher education in their efforts in making Texas government information and services accessible to everyone.


Texas Government Code 2054, Subchapter M, enacted in 2005, requires that all state agencies, including universities and institutions of higher education, provide state employees and members of the public access to and use of electronic information resources.

State web accessibility standards, outlined in Texas Administrative Code Chapter 206, are in alignment with federal regulations as outlined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended in 1998.

State standards for providing accessible software and hardware products to state employees with disabilities are outlined in Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 213.

Reporting on Compliance

Persons who have difficulty accessing electronic information on a state website should contact the agency hosting the website.

Contact Jeff Kline, Statewide EIR Accessibility Coordinator
Texas Department of Information Resources
Phone (512) 463-3248

Governors Committee on People with Disabilities