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IRM Continuing Professional Education 

Continuing professional education (CPE) for IRMs supports the skilled use and management of information resources. IRMs should consult these guidelines as they select and pursue professional development opportunities. In general, IRMs should strive for proficiency in six broad areas of knowledge or core competencies.

To comply with the requirements, an IRM must:

  • Complete a minimum number of hours of qualified training/education every fiscal year.
  • Complete an initial set of required topics within two years of being designated IRM.
  • Report the completion of qualified training to DIR by August 31 each year.

CPE Requirements

See the complete IRM Continuing Education Requirements for detailed information on IRM classification levels, core competencies, CPE units, required topics, and waiver requests.

Note: Download the IRM Continuing Education Requirements – PDF (177 KB). Information about file formats.

CPE Reporting

IRMs are required to report the completion of qualified training to DIR by August 31. DIR provides an online CPE reporting tool as well as a report for checking your CPE status.


For more detailed information on CPE requirements for IRMs, see our Frequently Asked Questions.