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Statewide Project Delivery  

DIR established the Statewide Project Delivery program to help improve the value of services delivered by Texas state government through technology projects. Statewide Project Delivery focuses on activities, processes, and automated and manual tools that support the state’s technology project portfolios. DIR works with state agencies, higher education institutions, the Legislative Budget Board (LBB), State Auditor’s Office (SAO), Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA), Contract Advisory Team (CAT), Quality Assurance Team (QAT), and other stakeholders to provide:

  • Guidance, best practices, and tools to optimize technology project performance in areas such as risk and maturity assessments; systems development methodologies; and project and portfolio management, governance, and reporting
  • Coordination and support to QAT and CAT, including project approval and review, solicitation information review, and development of policy and guidance
  • A clearinghouse and single point of reference for all practices specifically required for technology projects within Texas state government
  • Services (briefings, consultation, Web resources) to assist agencies and institutions of higher learning with project delivery

Products and Services

Statewide Project Delivery products and services include:

  • Project Management Practices – Guidance on statewide requirements for agency management of technology projects
  • Texas Project Delivery Framework – A consistent, statewide method to select, control, and evaluate projects based on their alignment with business goals and objectives
  • Texas Project Delivery Framework Extensions – Standard set of guidance and tools that extend use of the Framework for different types of technology projects and environments
  • Educational Services – Statewide Project Delivery Education Series provides different forums for Statewide Project Delivery program topics
  • Community – Collaborative forums for agencies to provide input about Statewide Project Delivery program topics
  • Automated Processes and Tools – Automated activities, processes, and tools that are necessary for effectively fulfilling the Statewide Project Delivery goal
  • Presentation Services – Upon request and depending on resource availability, presentations to target audience based on specific topics of interest or requirements
  • Maintenance and Support Services – Comprehensive management and outreach of Statewide Project Delivery products and services

For more information about DIR’s Statewide Project Delivery program, contact pj.vilanilam@dir.texas.gov or (512) 463-8826.