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Project Management Practices 


In February 2000, DIR released the Internal Quality Assurance Guidelines, also referred to as Model Quality Assurance Guidelines, for state agencies to use in developing their own internal quality assurance procedures as required by Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §201.19. TAC §201.19 was repealed based on amendment of Texas Government Code §2054.153 in House Bill 1789 (80th Legislature Regular Session). TAC Chapter 216, in response to HB 1789 and adopted by DIR in October 2007, clarifies statewide requirements for agency management of technology projects.


Each state agency and higher education institution will satisfy the statewide requirements for project management practices as identified in TAC Chapter 216. These requirements address policy, specific criteria, and standards.

Project management practices include project management methodologies in use by state agencies. DIR has collaborated with many agencies to identify a set of project management methodologies as an integral component of the Statewide Project Delivery program. Agency Project Management Methodologies reflect a variety of models that satisfy, to varying extents, specific criteria identified in TAC Chapter 216 which are consistent with current industry best practices.

Project management practices also include a project classification method as identified in TAC Chapter 216. State agencies may use the project classification method developed by DIR, the agency, or another source.

For more information about DIR’s Statewide Project Delivery program, contact projectdelivery@dir.texas.gov.