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Review Gate: Benefits Realization 

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The Benefits Realization Review Gate includes evaluation of all project outcomes, specifically addressing whether the desired benefits, goals, and objectives stated during the Business Justification Review Gate and refined in the Project Planning Review Gate were achieved. Conclusions about whether the delivered product and /or service solved the business problem are drawn.

A post-implementation review of business outcomes is conducted. By conducting a review of project delivery, agency heads obtain useful information on technology investment decisions. The review results can help agencies refine planning, estimation, forecasting, and implementation processes. A systematic post-implementation process allows project teams to identify obstacles for better planning and overall project delivery.

A comparative analysis of expected benefits and outcomes to realized benefits and outcomes from a business perspective is completed. Business goals, objectives, and associated performance measures identified during project justification and refined during project planning are reviewed. Quantitative and qualitative benefits are also reviewed.

A comparative analysis of expected outcomes to realized outcomes from a project delivery perspective is included. Quality, scope, cost, and schedule outcomes identified during project planning and managed throughout project delivery are reviewed.

Lessons learned at the agency and state level are identified as part of the post-implementation review. These lessons learned can be used to improve agency and/or state level processes (e.g., project management practices, Texas Project Delivery Framework, Quality Assurance Team) at a broader level than the project level.

Post-implementation review results must be finalized, approved at the agency level, and forwarded to the QAT within six months after the project is closed.

The agency head must approve the business outcomes at that specific point after project delivery. Approval indicates the agency head agrees with the stated benefits realization results.

Key Questions

Key questions that must be answered during Benefits Realization include:

  • What were the expected benefits and business outcomes that were not realized?
  • What were the expected performance standards that were not satisfied?
  • What are the lessons learned and process improvement recommendations based on this experience?

Tools and Deliverables

Several deliverables are completed during the Benefits Realization Review Gate. Templates are provided as tools during development of these deliverables.

Deliverable Description Tools
Post-Implementation Review of Business Outcomes Documents review of project success based on evaluation of whether the product and/or service met the stated business goals and objectives, including whether the anticipated business outcomes were achieved
  • Post-Implementation Review of Business Outcomes Instructions
  • Post-Implementation Review of Business Outcomes Template
Benefits Realization Review Gate Approval Agency head approval of business outcomes at that specific point during project delivery.
  • Review Gate Approval Instructions
  • Review Gate Approval Template

Activity Flow

The Benefits Realization Review Gate Activity Flow shows each major activity, the tools for use during this stage of project delivery, required approvals, and required submittals. Refer to the Framework Quick Reference to identify required approval authority for each deliverable.

Benefits Realization Review Gate Activity Flow

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