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DIR's Document Library presents plans and reports, policy, standard, guideline, and procedure documents, technology briefs, and other publications, including draft documents posted for peer review and use. The purpose of the library is to make information and communications technology policy development and implementation publications easily accessible. About file formats.

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Plans and Reports

Also see reports related to the Sunset Advisory Commission's review of DIR.

Also see DIR-Related Audit Reports.

Item Date
Legacy Systems Study Public Report | DIR’s high-level assessment and recommendations to the state leadership on the current technology landscape in Texas  Oct 2014
Bulk Purchase Report | Coordinated bulk IT purchases achieve savings for computer replacement Oct 2014
Legislative Appropriations Request for Fiscal 2016–2017 | DIR’s submission to the LBB and Governor’s Office Aug 2014

Agency Strategic Plan for Fiscal 2015–2019 | DIR’s submission to the LBB and Governor’s Office; includes the Customer Service Report and Workforce Plan

Jul 2014

Study on the Use of Tablet Computers | An examination of potential efficiencies and cost savings resulting from the use of tablets instead of PCs

Mar 2014

Fiscal 2014 Operating Budget | DIR’s Submission to the Governor’s Office and the LBB

Dec 2013

Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2013 – PDF (1.0 MB) | Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this document. For assistance, please contact the DIR Public Information Officer at (512) 463-5193.

Nov 2013

2014–2018 State Strategic Plan for Information Resources Management | Priorities for technology management in Texas government over the next five years

Nov 2013

Technology-Related Legislation | Technology-related legislation passed into law during the 83rd Legislative Session

Oct 2013

EIR Accessibility Implementation and Remediation Plan – PDF (291 KB) | DIR's biennial plan for making its electronic information resources compliant with accessibility requirements

May 2013

2012 Biennial Performance Report | Report to state leadership on progress and challenges in advancing the state's ten top technology priorities, with recommendations for consideration by the 83rd Texas Legislature and statutory reports on specific technology areas

Nov 2012

Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2012 – PDF (6.4 MB) | Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this document. For assistance, please contact the DIR Public Information Officer at (512) 463-5193.

Nov 2012

Report on – PDF (446 KB, 9 pages) | Status, progress, benefits, and efficiency gains of the state electronic Internet portal

Aug 2012

Legislative Appropriations Request for Fiscal Years 2014–2015 | DIR’s submission to the LBB and Governor’s Office

Aug 2012

Lessons Learned: Pilot Texas Cloud Offering (PTCO) – PDF (267 KB, 13 pages) | Report on lessons learned from Texas state government and cloud provider pilot project; includes cloud computing overview

Aug 2012

User Access Study | Study of the Feasibility of Enhancing Statewide Computer Network and Information Security

Dec 2006

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Policy, Standards, Guidelines, and Procedures

Technology Policy Review Schedule for FY 2013

Item Date

RMICC Records and Information Management Project
Informational Flyer (8.5x11) – PDF (911KB) | (11x17) – PDF (956KB)
Supplemental Information – PDF (24KB)
Legislative Overview – PDF (122KB)

Jun 2014

Videoconferencing Guidelines | Guidelines for deploying videoconferencing to facilitate open meetings

Nov 2013

PC Life Cycles | Guidelines for establishing life cycles for personal computers

Feb 2013

Lease vs. Purchase of IT – Supplemental Overview | Supplement includes Decision Matrix tool

Feb 2013

Social Media Resource Guide | Guidance for agencies and institutions of higher education regarding the use of Social Media for official state business

Feb 2013

Vendor Protest Procedures | Instructions for formal protest during solicitation, evaluation, or award of a contract by DIR

Oct 2012

CTS Reference Library | Guidance for customers of DIR Communications Technology Services

May 2012

State Website Linking and Privacy Policy | Provisions for use, duplicating from, and linking to state websites, and for protecting personal identifying information from or through a state website

Feb 2012

Financial Accounting and Interoperability Standards for Software Used by School Districts – Tagged PDF (55KB) | Standard developed by Texas Education Agency in Response to HB 1705 (81R)

Feb 2012

Internet and Email Domain Name Management Policy

Nov 2010

Office Productivity Application Migration | Guidelines for Establishing Migration Strategies for Office Productivity Applications

Nov 2010

IT Commodity Purchasing Guidelines for State Agencies | Guidelines for IT Commodity Purchasing Process and Exemption Requests

IRM Continuing Education Requirements | Information on IRM classification levels, core competencies, CPE units, required topics, and waiver requests

State Health Information Architecture | Interagency data sharing standards for agencies providing health and social services (Texas Health Care Policy Council)

Nov 2008

Acceptable Use of the Internet, E-Mail/Messages and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing | Guidelines for state agencies and institutions of higher education for developing policies to protect government information and technology

Jul 2006

Data and Electronic Records Management Best Practices | Roles and Responsibilities and Technology Standards

Apr 2006

Sale or Transfer of Computers and Software – Version 1.0 | Guidelines for agencies and institutions of higher education

Nov 2005

Guidelines for the Management of Electronic Transactions and Signed Records | Prepared by the UETA Task Force of DR and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Aug 2004

Outsourcing Strategies Guidelines | Guidelines for evaluating internal and external resources for major technology projects

Jun 1998

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Technology Briefs

Item Date

Cloud Computing | Efficient Service Delivery via the Internet

Mar 2012

Cybersecurity | Texas Cyber Risks and Statewide Cybersecurity Collaboration

Apr 2012

Voice over Internet Protocol | Advanced Phone Communications through VoIP

Mar 2012

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